Throughout my years as a photographer, one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned changed the way I see photography.

What is the real difference between an amateur and a professional?

Here is your answer, pro’s
keep it simple.

Good photography is not about getting as many objects as possible into one shot,
Good photography is about quite the opposite.
Myself, I am constantly looking out for objects that stand out, and try to get as little as possible
in the shot.

A good way to test whether your photo is simple enough is by looking at it yourself. If you find that your eye is constantly going from one corner to the other, you are not doing it right.
Your eye is searching for one place to focus, but there are so many focus points that you can’t find any rest.
However, if every time you look at it, your eye rests at the same place. Then you’ve got yourself a winner!

Let me set an example:
Terra Graphic nature reflection

This is just one pier and a big lake, that’s all there is to it. Now look at the picture and tell me where your eye rests.

Let me guess, the small pole in the middle right?

So, if you want to improve your photography, make sure you keep this in mind constantly.

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