Terra Graphic for Uganda

Terra Graphic gives back to the community. The 7th of September, I will lecture about travel photography for a full day.
This workshop is the result of a collaboration between
stichting HUG and Terra Graphic. 10% of the earnings will be donated directly to the foundation.
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Masterclass model photography

Here are some results of the masterclass model photography of sunday the 14th of April. If you like to learn more about being a great model photographer, be sure to attend one of the masterclasses!

Model photography Groningen masterclass

Model photography workshop groningen

Classic beauty

Classic beauty model
Classic model innocence

Cars and models

Modellenfotografie Groningen

Auto fotografie Groningen

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nederlandse vlag

Soft innocence

This week I was fortunate enough to get out there and do some shooting. The secluded garden where these shots were taken was already closed for the public. However, using my puppy eyes I was able to gain entrance anyway. One of the rare benefits of a cloudy day is that the light is very soft, and therefore perfect for portraits. Hope you guys like it! I’ve got a portrait photography workshop coming up. So if you want to learn how to shoot these yourself? enroll!

Terra Graphic looking back Terra Graphic angel touching down