Soft innocence

This week I was fortunate enough to get out there and do some shooting. The secluded garden where these shots were taken was already closed for the public. However, using my puppy eyes I was able to gain entrance anyway. One of the rare benefits of a cloudy day is that the light is very soft, and therefore perfect for portraits. Hope you guys like it! I’ve got a portrait photography workshop coming up. So if you want to learn how to shoot these yourself? enroll!

Terra Graphic looking back Terra Graphic angel touching down

New logo

As a photographer, a logo is everything. You’ll need to put considerable effort in creating that stamp that claims your photography for the foreseeable future. Change it too often, and nobody recognizes you, change it too little, and you will be outdated. This is my new logo, and I’m happy with it :D
logo TG

Beauty portrait

A friend of mine was kind enough to show me around photoshop, making all my previous editing efforts needy of some re-editing

Terra Graphic  soft beauty


Hazy morning

This morning I woke up to a beautiful winter sun. The hazy atmosphere combined with the clear skies gave me enough incentive to get out there.
A good friend of mine felt like tagging along to get out of the city and enjoy the serenity of nature. Before we got to the windmill, we stopped at a new building in Groningen. Enjoy!

Terra Graphic kl 805

Terra Graphic kl 806